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AH Consulting is a boutique consultancy that helps small and large organizations or clinical practices with transformation, operational excellence, and scalability aspirations. We position our clients to achieve what seems impossible, deliver game-changing outcomes, and build a bridge to the future. We measure our success by their success.  

Our service pathways frameworks are well-suited for these types of client challenges and transformational opportunities:

  • Scalability Readiness: planning frameworks, operational impacts, organizational alignment, and playbooks for startups and early-stage growth companies
  • Complex Project-Based Work: value delivery alignment, discovery, definition, staging, orchestration, and recovery
  • Digital Transformation Pursuits: implement technology-enabled business solutions — definition, delivery, process alignment, adoption
  • Value Management: expand Lean/Agile guiding principles and practices to value definition and delivery; embrace value stream management, project-to-product transition, and PMO-to-VMO transition with enterprise/leadership alignment
  • Innovation Facilitation: define and align creating something new — product, service, capability — and getting it off the ground
  • Operational Excellence: customized engagement to solve recurring and costly operational issues

We set the stage for success. We simplify the complex, help clients get organized with effective communication, and derive right-sized solution strategies with customized pathways for success — coaching along the way. If desired, we can also oversee implementation initiatives.

Our sprint-based, signature engagement approach accelerates framework development and is easy to internalize. It adapts to most organizations and sizes.  

Our core deliverables are designed to be used for scope focus, clarification, validation, cross-functional alignment, informed decision-making, and in support of related downstream work.    

Let’s TALK!

AH Consulting offers a FREE strategy consultation call or meet-up with Founder and Principal Consultant, Anne Hartley.

You and Anne will get better acquainted, chat about a specific challenge you are having, and discuss the recommended approach. Anne will also be happy to share more about these select engagements and the impacts of AH Consulting.

Learn more about an exploratory 3-day onsite visit to take a closer look together.


What Distinguishes Us

Client’s Value Realization: we apply a holistic lens to the overarching focus of making continuous value definition and delivery for the business and their customer the unifying thread across the organization.

Big Firm Expertise With Boutique Practice Agility: we are a high-powered consultancy with agile practices and approaches, known for problem resolution, practical advice, and precision delivery.

Accelerated Success: our mission and sprint-aligned engagement approach position us to stay focused on the right areas, pivot when appropriate, and deliver value in accelerated time frames.

Frameworks and System Thinking: we are all about frameworks first with a big-picture perspective to set the context, facilitate communication, and guide more focused, detailed discussion and organization.

Tailored Engagements: we start with AH Consulting approaches and service offerings as a model and then tailor to best align with the mission of the client organization that also leaves new capabilities and a lasting footprint.


AH Discovery

We help clients ensure an informed and optimized approach for success with relatively short engagements that can be scoped for a 3 – 6 week sprint and at a fixed price. This service is well-suited for:

  • Scale Up Due Diligence, Planning, and Playbooks
  • Business Planning (strategy, scoping, and budget alignment)
  • Project-Based Work (staging, intervention, and remediation)

Highly versatile — as well as schedule and budget-friendly!

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We partner with Software Solution Providers and their Customers to develop technology adoption frameworks that help guide Customer’s integration so they get the most value from the product or service investments.

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AH Scale Up

We help evolving startups transition from “startup mode” to a scalable baseline — to grow the company and keep investors happy — starting with Early-Stage Barriers.

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We help clients adopt and operationalize a unifying value-based, shared-service Value Management Office (VMO) framework – a PMO derivative first introduced by AH Consulting in 2018.  Now PMO industry leadership is also talking about the VMO as the next-gen PMO.

Whether you are an early-stage company or an established organization, choosing “value” as your unifying theme will instill an institutional norm for leadership, innovation, operational excellence, project-based work, and company culture.

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AH Innovate

We help clients embrace innovation and pursue operational excellence initiatives. A core component is leveraging new models, digital transformation and new thinking to become more efficient, effective, and connected — positioned for a vibrant future.

This service is well-suited for enterprises (large and small) — including healthcare practice and life science organizations.

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AH Consulting Success

At the end of the day, what we value most and how we measure the success is by our clients’ achievement of exceptional, sustainable outcomes resulting from AH Consulting impacts.

These comments below and on the testimonials page provide a flavor from past engagements and set the bar for what you should expect.

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“Anne was a catalyst for our company to get organized at a critical juncture of growth. She helped us take our organization to the next level.”

Dr. Belinda Tan
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer
Science 37


“Anne is a dynamic leader with exceptional organizational skills and an ability to dissect and resolve complex problems.”


Jay Trepanier
Former Chief Executive Officer
Clinverse, Inc (acquired by Bioclinica)


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