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We primarily help mission-driven organizations with Transformation, Operational Excellence, and Scalability aspirations. Specifically, we help clients get organized and aligned, and derive customized pathways for success — with quick value delivery. Learn how we helped Science 37 take their organization to the next level at a critical juncture →

Our value and service offerings are well-suited for:

  • Evolving Startups and Investors
  • Software Solution Providers and Their Customers
  • Enterprises, Healthcare and Life Science Organizations

Our sprint-based, signature engagement model is simple to learn and easily adapted to most any domain and size.  Learn more about these select clients and their mission:

  • CA Technologies

Contact AH Consulting today to schedule a complimentary strategy session. On this call you’ll speak with AH Consulting founder, Anne Hartley. You’ll learn more about AH Consulting’s signature approach for success and receive specific recommendations to help you move forward. Ask about AH Consulting’s simple engagement model!



The Value We Bring

Approachable Engagement Model: simple and easily adapted to different domains and focus areas; all levels of the organization value the approach, easily engage and internalize the techniques.

Unification and Alignment: organize, clarify and unify purpose, value, functions, roles, responsibilities, collaboration and communication.

Pathways, Frameworks and Roadmaps for Success: clients have a clear direction and approach for moving forward with the right priorities.

Holistic Approaches: embrace “big-picture”, system thinking which helps ensure comprehensive solutions without gaps and disconnects.

New Thinking and Inspiration: fresh perspective, new questions and facilitative approach that inspires mindshifts and new ideas.

Deliver Value Quickly: our sprint-aligned engagement approach is positioned to deliver significant value in surprisingly short timeframes.

AH Discovery

We help clients ensure an informed and optimized approach for success with relatively short engagements that can be scoped for a 3 – 6 week sprint and at a fixed price. This service is well-suited for:

  • Investor Due Diligence Support
  • Business Planning (strategy, scoping and budget alignment)
  • Project Based Work (staging, intervention and remediation)

Highly versatile — as well as schedule and budget friendly!

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AH Customer Success

We partner with Software Solution Providers to develop adoption frameworks and help with customer’s integration so they get the most value from the product or service.

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AH Scale Up

We help evolving startups transition from “start-up mode” to a scalable operation — to grow the company and keep investors happy — starting with Early-Stage Barriers.

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AH VMO 1.0

Whether you are an early stage company or an established organization, make “value delivery” your unifying theme for innovation, operational excellence, project-based work and cultural norm. The proposal of a value-based, shared-service Value Management Office (VMO) Model as a strategic, unifying framework is AH Consulting’s derivative of the PMO (Project|Portfolio Management Office) paradigm.

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Medical Practices and Health Organizations

AH Innovate

We help clients embrace innovation and pursue operational excellence initiatives. A core component is leveraging new models, digital transformation and new thinking to become more efficient, effective, and connected — positioned for a vibrant future.

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Why AH Consulting

Founder and Principal Consultant, Anne Hartley, brings an entrepreneurial mindset, broad range of business-technology experience and core competencies with an accomplished track record transforming companies with focus on operational excellence, migration to new technology platforms, product development and lifecycle management and shaping workplace culture.

AH Consulting tailors engagements to best fit clients’ needs and environment — and positions them to achieve what seems impossible, deliver game-changing outcomes and build a bridge to the future. These testimonials provide a flavor from past engagements and set the bar for AH Consulting’s impact.

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“Anne came to work with us at a time when we were rapidly scaling and creating several new departments in a short period of time. It was critical for us to articulate and clarify our cross-functional roles and responsibilities, and workflows. Anne came to the rescue. She diligently worked with department teams and leaders, and made sure to listen to everyone’s input. She synthesized a tremendous amount of information and was able to simplify the complex. Anne was a catalyst for our company to get organized at a critical juncture of growth. She helped us take our organization to the next level.”

Dr. Belinda Tan
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer
Science 37

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