Resources – Thought-driven Breakthrough Methodology and Innovation Capability Alignment

Leadership, workforce and organizational alignment strategies that embrace breakthrough methodology are what drive exceptional growth, according to Gap International.

Anne agrees and sees the methodology and targeted outcomes as being fundamentally aligned with the ability to develop, scale, and sustain innovation as a core capability. She sees these common points of relevancy:

  • Innovating outcomes begin with what we say and write — a derivative of our thinking
  • To think of and express new possibilities we must break away from the limitations of current thinking
  • Every individual has the capacity to be a breakthrough thinker and source of innovation by unleashing and applying his/her inner ‘genius’ capability
  • Full employee engagement, enhanced communication and shared thinking is what ultimately produces the innovation-aligned breakthrough outcomes
  • There is a systematic way to develop and leverage the capability as suggested in this Breakthrough Intensive immersion workshop attended by Anne:; and

  • Ultimate alignment and value realization require”breakthrough leadership” starting at the top

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