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The following AH Consulting Solution services are adapted and scaled to deliver the best value for clients. Relevant coaching is built into all engagements. Also, please visit our solutions website –  AHC-Solutions.co – that explains our approach.
Designed for evolving startups who are ready to transition from “startup mode of operation” to a rationalized operating model to scale their business – starting by addressing Early-Stage Barriers. First a note about what “scalability” means. It means flexibility and that as you bring on more customers the acquisition and operational cost goes down – thereby creating greater profit margins. It is not just a function of bringing on more customers. This requires creating an efficient, well-oiled operation with aligned training and onboarding – with an eye on continuous improvement. Our approach encompasses leadership alignment, resolving bottlenecks, assessing processes and practices, and developing operational scalability frameworks that evolve to grow the company and customers.In addition to the core deliverables from AH Consulting’s Signature Pathway Engagement that will be input to this Service engagement, suggested next service delivery topics for Scalability Readiness include:
  • Process Assessments for Scalability Readiness (“how things are done”)
  • Creation of Playbooks for Key Functions (directional operational guides)
  • Training Strategy and Curriculum Design Alignment (as input to Training Development)
  • Organizational Alignment (training and communication)
  • Scalability Planning and Methodology Maturity Alignment (long-term view)
AH Discovery engagement collaborates with client representative(s) to establish shared understanding and validation of what is believed to be true of the current state with sufficient detail to identify risks, disconnects, and opportunities. Core deliverables are structured, simple, and easy to use. This service is designed for relatively short engagements (e.g. 3 – 6 week sprints) with a fixed price and is well-suited for:
  • Supporting Investor Due Diligence
  • Planning, Intervention, and Remediation for Project Work and Other Strategic Initiatives
  • Validating Strategy, Scope, and Delivery Plan for Budget Planning
  • Defining Game Plan for Moving Forward: what to do, high-level scope definition, and how to approach
Using our Technology Adoption Ecosystem framework, we partner with software solution vendors and customers to develop a customer-specific guide for a successful implementation with no gaps. The purpose is to help ensure the customer is best positioned to achieve the intended benefits for ultimate success. This service is well-suited for:
  • Established or early-stage tech companies
  • Service providers offering SaaS solutions
  • Customers who want to ensure they derive the benefits of acquired enabling software and services
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Encompasses creating new practices or overhauling existing one(s) with coaching and adoption orchestration. Our approach ensures holistic and integrated solutions that eliminate rework, reprocessing, and stakeholder disconnects — and leverages new models and technology to be more efficient and connected. This service is well-suited for:
  • Enterprises, medical practices, or health systems that are in pursuit of operational excellence and technology enabled innovation
    • Approaches are aligned with the size of the enterprise or practice
  • Tech companies or service providers who need to evolve a component practice of their definition and delivery cycle
Realigns Project Management Office (“PMO”) with value delivery over project delivery. While projects are the means by which value is typically delivered. One can deliver a perfect project where the intended value is never achieved. This service encompasses a unifying approach and framework for value delivery, shared services, organizational alignment, core practices, requisite capabilities, staffing model, coaching, adoption orchestration, and interim leadership while preparing others to assume key roles. Well-suited for:
  • Early-stage companies that wish to get started with a sound and scalable foundation
  • Established companies with existing PMOs and want to take it to the next level to realize the added value
  • Established companies with earlier-generation PMOs that have failed to deliver value
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