Resources – Creating a Smarter Planet

In 2008 , IBM initiated a call-to-action movement and business focus area called “Smarter Planet”. This was at a time when our financial markets were melting down that put the spotlight on the danger and nature of the complex world we live in and the interdependencies. In a nutshell, this essay highlights three trends that were fundamental change agents to life as we know it on the planet — introducing impacts much faster that we can assimilate (and still are):

  • Instrumentation advances through sensor technologies
  • Interconnectivity through the Internet technologies
  • Computational intelligence with big data technologies

You can read the essay that served as the launch: A Mandate for Change is a Mandate for Smart. Bottomline, we have to be and act smarter as a civilization to master these changes and opportunities: to use them to our best advantage in solving problems and shaping our future. Anne recommends you connect and familiarize yourself with IBM’s Smarter Planet resources and use them to make a difference.