AH Consulting – Engagements

AH Consulting offers two introductory paths:

  • Complimentary strategy consultation call with Anne Hartley, Founder. Get acquainted, share your challenges, discuss Anne’s recommendations for your company and initiatives.
  • Exploratory introductory visit.  Anne Hartley, will spend 3 days at your location.  This time together would be used to determine how AH Consulting can provide specific value.  The results will either validate it makes sense to move forward with an engagement and that you wish to proceed — or we part company and you retain the benefits of the visit.

Engagements and compensation are based on a consulting services agreement as independent contractor plus Statement of Work (SOW):

  • 1099 Compensation
  • Pricing Models:
    • Fixed Bid
    • Time and Material
    • Retainer Fee
  • If an assignment requires additional staffing or specialized services, there are two (2) possible approaches:
    • AH Consulting will engage and manage qualified contractors and other third-party service providers in a 1099 relationship.
    • Client will engage and AH Consulting will align and orchestrate the work and work products