Resources – Business Analysis (BA) as a Strategic Capability (BA Value Proposition)

The ultimate BA value proposition is about success in the 21st century measured by value delivered to the business operation and customer, financial gains to the organization, and long-term viability.

Value must be defined before it can be delivered. Business Analysis is the art and science of eliciting and deriving Business Requirements used to inform and guide the goals, purpose, development, delivery, change impacts, and success criteria of the intended value-based outcome achieved via Projects. The quality of the Requirements ultimately determines the quality and success of the Project outcome.

In an increasingly complex customer-driven, global setting where change is constant and innovation-for-survival is the new normal for success, business-as-usual and “average” are no longer viable business strategies and why high-quality Business Analysis capability is critical.

Anne spearheaded a collaboration with industry leadership — Business Analysis Leadership Consortium (BALC) — to elevate the criticality of having Business Analysis (BA) as a strategic capability and core competency that is fundamental to discovering, defining, refining, and delivering innovative products, services, and enabling practices — with an acquisition framework.

For more context, please read more about the BALC approach in this summarized overview (PDF format).