AH Consulting – Testimonials

At the end of the day, what Anne values most and how she measures the success of AH Consulting is making a profoundly positive impact. These testimonials set the bar for what you should expect. For more testimonials, please see Anne’s LinkedIn profile.

“Anne came to work with us at a time when we were rapidly scaling and creating several new departments in a short period of time. It was critical for us to articulate and clarify our cross-functional roles and responsibilities, and workflows. Anne came to the rescue. She diligently worked with department teams and leaders, and made sure to listen to everyone’s input. She synthesized a tremendous amount of information and was able to simplify the complex. Anne was a catalyst for our company to get organized at a critical juncture of growth. She helped us take our organization to the next level.”

Dr. Belinda Tan
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer
Science 37


“Anne is a dynamic leader with exceptional organizational skills and an ability to dissect and resolve complex problems. Besides great personal skills, Anne also exhibited very strong technical skills and was a valuable asset to the company, as well as looked to by many people as a mentor. I would gladly work with Anne in the future and highly endorse her.”

Jay Trepanier
Former Chief Executive Officer
Clinverse, Inc (acquired by Bioclinica)


“Anne is exceptionally versatile and with her broad experience-base to draw upon, she’s able to quickly find an approach for the challenge at hand. Anne is a great person to have on any team and the kind of person you can rely on to figure out how to move forward and do what is right. Anne is who I continue to reach out to for process management help.”

Tony Click
Former Chief Technical Officer
Clinverse, Inc (acquired by Bioclinica)


“Anne is extremely well organized, detailed and focused. Anne is a self-starter and responsive to client’s needs. Her assistance with strategizing and executing on a very complex multi-faceted project requiring detailed specifications at the organizational and informatics levels was invaluable.”

Eileen Ciesco, MHA
Former Chief Operations Officer
Community Care of North Carolina


“Anne’s work approach is to produce high quality results, on-time, employing seasoned skills at collaborative problem solving – all within a framework of enterprise thinking and customer satisfaction.”

Former Vice President
BCBS of North Carolina


“Anne approaches her work in an organized, strategic, and solutions-oriented manner. Her strong communication skills and calm demeanor—even in tense, emotionally-charged situations—immediately engender trust and credibility. Anne excels in team development. She sets clear goals based on tangible business value, and she provides the support and necessary skills to ensure both individual and team success. She is a capable, results-oriented leader, and I recommend her highly.”

Judy Griffin
Corporate Communication Trainer
Write Angles  (contractor to BCBS of North Carolina)