AH Consulting – About

In 1997, leveraging a distinguished career in the commercial software sector in both large-scale and small tech companies, Anne Hartley, AH Consulting Founder and Principal Consultant, discerned a particular niche to help clients build more valuable businesses by embracing new technology more effectively and delivering exceptional results. She was inspired to establish her solutions-oriented consulting practice based on the premise and brand of “bridging business and technology”.

Practice focus, core competencies, and the mission have naturally evolved in alignment with the heightened awareness and multifaceted challenges of change and transformational leadership that emerged with the 21st-century innovation economy. As such, she expanded the underlying premise and brand to reflect “bridging business, technology, people and innovation”.

AH Consulting’s clients have been mainly in healthcare-related fields – working for startups, established enterprises, both public and private sector organizations, and audience types. However, the consulting approach is flexible and adapts across industries to offer the same benefits. Examples to date include: stabilizing and selling a 2-state family-owned water utility, launching and managing a retail business for electric boats, launching and managing a lakefront real-estate development business, church transformation, restaurant support, and organizing and leading a community preservation movement opposing incompatible commercialization.

All engagements are team-oriented reflecting a close collaborative partnership between AH Consulting and clients that include coaching and teaching to leave behind a lasting footprint.

At the end of the day, what Anne values most and how she measures the success of AH Consulting is through the success and overall impact AH Consulting makes for clients.