Engagement and Compensation

AH Consulting offers a complimentary strategy consultation to get better acquainted, share best practices and suggest recommendation for your company and initiatives. Schedule time now to take advantage of this opportunity:

Possible next steps for Services are:

  • Strategy Workshop
  • Discovery Analysis and Recommendations
  • Implementation Orchestration with Coaching

The statement of work for each engagement type will contain checkpoints where client can choose to continue or choose not to.

AH Consulting guarantees its work and will remain accessible after an implementation engagement is completed to resolve any post implementation issue that may require additional attention to achieve the agreed to goals of the engagement – at no additional charge.

Engagement and compensation are based on a consulting services agreement as independent contractor.

  • 1099
  • Pricing is based on the type, level of service and value delivered.
  • If an assignment requires additional staffing or specialized services, there are two (2) possible approaches:
    • AH Consulting will engage and manage qualified contractors and other third-party service providers in a 1099 relationship.
  • Client will engage and AH Consulting will align and orchestrate the work and work products