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AH Consulting core services evolve around transformation, operational excellence and scalability to help our clients take focus areas of their business operation to the next level.  We clarify the value they bring to customers and how it is delivered, get everyone on the same page, discover opportunities and discern best approaches for strategic growth. Representative clients include:

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Our Value

Standing up and scaling lean concept-to-market software and service delivery practices that attract and retain customers

Standing up and scaling unifying and nimble PMOs and COEs that enable value-based activity and outcomes

Evolving businesses and practices to be more efficient and connected

Painting a clear and easy-to-get picture of client’s business, identifying business and investment risks and opportunity as input to strategic planning and enhanced investor due diligence

Helping companies transition from “startup mode” to a more mature operational approach and org structure focusing on growth and sustainability

Orchestrating client-specific, complex initiatives with custom service package

Software (and SaaS) Company and Service Provider

Standing up and evolving products and practices — with lean and agile approaches

Start-up or Other Entrepreneurial Initiatives Driving Innovation

Establishing a solid foundation and bridge to the future


Medical Practices and Health Organizations

Medical Practice or Health System

Working on operational excellence and innovation

Why AH Consulting

Founder and Principal Consultant, Anne Hartley, brings an entrepreneurial mindset, broad range of business-technology experience and core competencies with an accomplished track record transforming companies with focus on operational excellence, migration to new technology platforms, product development and lifecycle management and shaping workplace culture.

AH Consulting tailors engagements to best fit clients’ needs and environment — and positions them to achieve what seems impossible, deliver game-changing outcomes and build a bridge to the future. These testimonials provide a flavor from past engagements and set the bar for AH Consulting’s impact.

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Anne is a dynamic leader with exceptional organizational skills and an ability to dissect and resolve complex problems. I was impressed with her ability to evaluate current processes and then implement changes to make them more efficient. Besides great personal skills, Anne also exhibited very strong technical skills and was a valuable asset to the company, as well as looked to by many people as a mentor.

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